Membership benefits

Benefits of membership include:

  • The annual salary survey report (one full report per member, per membership year)
  • The annual market analysis report, a detailed breakdown and analysis of the year's salary trends within the industry.
  • Information exchanges - regular surveys and reports on topical HR matters.
  • Attendance at the annual Maritime HR Conference (one complimentary delegate place per member).
  • The opportunity to network with other maritime HR professionals at MHRA hosted events held globally.
  • Ongoing support and advice from HR Consulting.
  • Bespoke Salary reports available (some additional fees may apply).


Are salary reports available for purchase by non-members?

No, salary reports are not available for general sale.

Can we buy previous years' salary survey reports?

Yes, you can pay an additional fee to buy previous years' reports if you become a member of the Maritime HR Association.

Will other companies know what we pay?

No. Data is presented in aggregated format in percentiles (P10, LQ, Median, UQ and P90). Company names are shown in a list of participants, but there is no way of identifying who pays what, or attributing any element of the data to a specific organisation.

Can anyone join?

Up to a point, yes. For the purpose of complying with anti-trust guidelines, it is desirable for the Association to be as open and unrestrictive as possible to members from the maritime industry.

The Association is open to any organisation employing shore based marine personnel, however, the needs of the majority are paramount and the members wish to ensure that the membership as a whole is sufficiently aligned in terms of markets, geography and style. The secretariat and the membership as a whole reserve the right to refuse membership.

HR Consulting will begin to benchmark salaries for seafarers in 2017. This benchmarking will be available to non-members of the Maritime HR Association.


If your company would be interested in joining the Maritime HR Association or you would like some further information then please contact one of the HR Consulting team on +44 (0)1702 480142 or Alternatively please use the link below to request more information

Click here to request more information about the Maritime HR Association  

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